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Flame Arrester Installation and Maintenance

All Elmac Technologies flame arresters are supplied for specific explosion groups and applications. They are shipped with comprehensive Installation and Maintenance Instructions and it is essential that they are used only in the situation that has been specified and not elsewhere. If a change of operating conditions is being considered, please contact the Elmac Technologies technical team who will be pleased to advise.

Inspection and maintenance of flame arresters are the responsibility of the operator. Periodic inspection and maintenance, including flame arrestor cleaning or replacing the element, are essential to ensure continued safe operation of the flame arrester.

If an explosion is known, or believed, to have occurred then the flame arrester should be inspected for signs of damage. Damaged elements should be replaced immediately.

Any build-up of solid particulate matter or liquids on the element will impair process flow and increase pressure drop. The routine maintenance interval must be determined by the user and will usually be decided by the rate at which a gradual reduction in flow capacity, or increase in pressure drop, occurs across the arrester. Elements must be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for damage before being replaced. While flame arrestor cleaning methods are dependent upon the nature of the material that is fouling the element, typical methods include:

  • Brushing
  • Caustic wash
  • Drainage (in the event of liquid entrainment)
  • Solvent wash
  • Steam cleaning
  • Ultrasonics
  • Water wash

Replacement of gauze elements

Elmac Technologies FE gauze elements are particularly robust in construction and lend themselves to cleaning. They are also relatively cheap to replace if the fouling becomes too severe. It is critical that the structure of an element is not changed during the cleaning process, and under no circumstances should arrester elements be dismantled or pierced in any way, as this could result in the element being rendered ineffective in the event of an explosion.

Spare elements

Elmac strongly advise that a supply of spare elements is held at site stores to minimise down time. In critical installations it may be desirable to switch to a standby line while flame arrester inspection and maintenance occur.

Request a Quote

If you require a flame arrester or other tank protection equipment for a specific application, please use our Request a Quote page to submit your enquiry. We will review you request and respond promptly.