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Flame Arresters

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Example of a flame arrester Elmac Technologies
Elmac Technologies Volatile liquid storage tank
What Is A Flame Arrester?

One of the greatest dangers involved with the transportation or storage of flammable liquids or gases is that ignition, resulting in fire or explosion, might occur. For gas storage tanks and other containers of flammable liquid, safety measures should include proper emergency tank vents, breathers and other safety equipment, including flame arresters.

Flame arresters are used to protect people, plants and equipment by suppressing in-pipe detonation or deflagration, preventing a flame from entering or leaving a pipe or vessel or from travelling further down a pipe. Flame arresters may be fitted in-line, as (detonation) end-of-line crimped metal flame arresters or gauze (deflagration) flame arresters or on any tank or vessel where flammable gases or vapours are present.

Most flame arresters comprise an element and housing suitable for installation into pipework or process plant. The element is a permeable matrix that quenches the flame, but allows gas to flow. In the event that a flame front reaches the element, the flame is extinguished and the accompanying pressure wave or shock wave is attenuated.

Elmac flame arresters are passive devices and have no moving parts. The element is typically made of a metallic gauze pack (deflagration arrester) or has a crimped metal ribbon design (detonation arrester). Depending on the application, a flame arrester may be installed on its own or as part of a more comprehensive explosion prevention system.

As there are different types of flame arrester, each being designed to handle certain conditions, it is extremely important that the correct type of equipment is installed to ensure it works correctly.

At Elmac Technologies, our philosophy is to work in partnership with our customers to ensure that the products supplied are ideally matched to their requirements.

Global industries served
  • Oil, gas and petrochemicals
  • Bio-fuels
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Power generation
  • Agro-chemicals and fertilizers
  • Food, flavours and fragrance
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Equipment manufacturers
Typical applications
  • Flare stacks
  • Flammable liquid storage emergency tank vents
  • Feeds to burners
  • Isolation of rotating equipment
  • Flammable liquid filling and discharging systems
  • Hazardous environment engine protection systems
  • Chemical / petrochemical process plant
  • Coalmine ventilation systems
  • Sewage digester plant
  • Gas pressure regulators
  • Gas analysis instrumentation
  • Nuclear waste treatment
  • Vapour recovery process
  • Fuel cells
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Fuel delivery systems

"Flame arrester" may also be spelled "flame arrestor" and are sometimes referred to as spark arresters, spark arrestors, detonation arresters and deflagration arresters.

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